Sunrise: Dream Interpretation #34

Writing prompt for September 2 2018 is “September sunrise“.

What I desire to see for my September sunrise in a dream:
That my working goals be realized in positive ways, even if I don’t achieve exactly what I intended to accomplish in the first place. Thank you very much.

What I saw in a September sunrise

People who believe in watching for signs in nature, may try to capture and record movements in natural phenomena. Some of these beliefs date way back to the specific culture and traditions. Like the belief that when it rains cats and dogs, the heavens have released the floodgates to symbolize crying upon atrocities from mankind. I’m ambiguous on this. While I know the Universe has the largest database of information in its collective unconsciousness, I think any coincidences between happenings and man, are non-causal. That is, coincidences are purely that and nothing else. Just like how clouds seemingly form shapes and then become shape-shifting to erase the previous picture. On September 2, 2018, the sky above my home had random cumulus clouds. If I were to use that as a reading, it probably meant my day would be devoid of spectacular events. True enough, nothing extraordinary happened on my September 2. The month has just started so I have many days of hopeful anticipation.

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