A touch of perfect in a good dream

Thanks to this writing prompt, “A touch of perfect” I’m able to focus on a topic to write on.

A touch of perfect … in a good dream.
Having studied some dream work and psychoanalysis using dreams, I know everyone (that is everyone in the functional population), would like to enjoy good dreams. However, the mechanism of dream creation, refuses to be dictated by the whims and fancies of conscious brain. It is triggered by different stimuli during the day, AND night. How can we manipulate the causal factors to experience a good dream? It is told that when you had a good day, you may get a nicer dream, than if you had a terrible day. A good dream would be like a touch of perfect to end a cycle of day and night.

Every day, I try to wake up early,
to watch that touch of perfect in the sunrise.
It reminds me of the greatness of God
waiting to add that touch of perfect
in my life every day.
It may come from intangible or tangible sources,
reminding me to be grateful,
that someone is watching over me.

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