Should a woman reveal her age? Mindful Doodles #222

Mindful Doodles #222 – Should a woman reveal her age?

I say no. The reason why someone asks your age (whether you are a woman, or a man), is because they have hidden agenda on you. Here are some examples. The below is typed with reference to a woman but you can do a mental edit and insert “man” to substitute for woman.

Why people will ask a woman her age.

1) A random man wants to date a woman but he has an ego so he wants to know her age before he offers a date.

2) The man has further designs so he desires to know if their age difference will be compatible.

3) The person wants to interfere in the woman’s personal life choices, like persuading to become a foster mother/ adoptive mother/ caregiver. Age matters here. The woman should not be too old because she can’t live long enough to take care of the younger person, until they become older and independent. I faced this issue in several scenarios.

4) The party who wishes to assess the financial position of the woman, can gauge her savings and assets by her age. This is especially so when they know the woman’s occupation.

5) The questioner uses some age stereotypes to gauge the woman’s behavior.

Should a woman randomly reveal her age?

Do you know of more situations that the questioner will benefit by knowing the woman’s age?

There is an ongoing court case where a man around 65 years old, wants to get permission to change his age stated on documents. He said he wants to  list a younger age because he wants to appear more eligible to younger women. He said that since we can go to court to change birth names, we should be able to change our birth dates too. In his story, this man easily fits into a few of the scenarios listed above.