Shelter and Write #writethepandemic prompt 18 Pandemic is plot twist

This post is my response to the host, Lightning Droplets Shelter and Write on the theme, #writethepandemic, prompt #18, which is about how Covid-19 has become a plot twist for a character.

A female character is separated from her boyfriend because of social distancing measures for Covid-19. This is followed by a movement restriction order and near shutdown. She slowly realizes she gradually weans off her desire for her boyfriend. She makes up her mind to break off with him as soon as she is able to met him face to face and tell him. She is not ready to disturb her status quo of a life style she has known for many years.


writethepandemic prompt 18 – Write about a character for whom the pandemic is a plot twist.

The host’s webpage of list of 30 prompts.