Second woman hears revelation of her partner’s cheating: Mindful Doodles #461

Mindful Doodles #461 – Second woman hears revelation of her partner’s cheating

The man is a wealthy owner of a jewellery shop in a mall. One day, he brought his son to the shop. It was very early in the morning, well before the store’s opening hour. The man wanted to fetch or send something for his store and he opened the shutters to let himself in. After he finished with his business, he and his son came out of the store. They were seen by members of the public, including a woman who was a customer of the store. Everyone in their ordinary decent minds assumed the boy was the store owner’s son. Why else would he be accompanying the man?

A few years later, the woman customer visited the same jewellery store. The male owner greeted her warmly like an old lost customer. During the verbal exchange of polite, trivial, small talk, she mentioned seeing his son. She also mentioned the boy was dressed in a famous brand of pre-school’s uniform. The man’s face looked shocked. You know why? His other woman, was also in the store. She works as his sales assistant.

Can you believe this? If the shop owner wanted to keep his son from another woman a secret, he should not have brought him out in public. That too, brought him to his store where his customers were bound to see them.

The other woman, the sales assistant, was alerted and she acknowledged the fact by referring to the boy as her “other son”. What other drama ensued was out of the public eye and ear. Hopefully, all parties involved will receive fair resolution.

father and son moment, in public.
Second woman hears revelation of her partner’s cheating.

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