Sandwich maker hits out at customers: Mindful Doodles #173

Mindful Doodles #173 – Sandwich maker hits out at customers

This is a tricky question. If a staff is unhappy with his pay, should he take it out on the customer? It spoils the brand image and reputation.

The scenario –
A famous sandwich bar pays their workers a basic salary, plus commission for goods sold. There are few tables for customers to sit and eat their sandwiches. Staff wish all customers would eat, finish and leave, thus freeing up the tables for other customers to buy food, sit and eat. Every customer who occupies sitting space means one business transaction is lost. The staff lash out their regrets over opportunity loss, on the customers.

On the other hand, the cost of these sandwiches are more than the average cost of a meal sold at a coffee house/ cafeteria. The customer who buys a sandwich pays for the privilege of sitting down to eat in leisure. If the customer doesn’t want to sit and linger, they can eat at a cheaper place, and leave immediately.

Taking out anger at customer.

I think if the sandwich maker staff are dissatisfied with pay and commission terms, they should leave.

Have you met sandwich places, or other Food & Beverage cafe/ restaurant whose staff are rude when the customer occupies a table for a long time?