Restraining men: Mindful Doodles #469

Mindful Doodles #469 – Restraining men

It is with regret that this scenario ca be seen. Grown, irresponsible men getting their * whopped because they run loose with testosterone. The manager shouted loudly across the glass panel. She wants to do some damage control. She can’t backtrack for the victim but she wants to rein in bad behaviors and restrain from future recurrences. Every action has a reaction. When a person acts in public service and their action is less than savory, the reaction of complaint will be met with more consequences for the offender as well as the circle of “actors”. Actors refer to the people who acted in the incident.

The bald old man is stoic and stony faced as he sits through the verbal dressing down. The younger man appears a tad shifty.

Men scolded for boundary violations.

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