Rehab after trauma

Occupational therapy is a rehab activity. It occupies your time while you exercise your motor skills and mental dexterity. O. T. can be anything from a wide range of skills used in normal life. Even playing board games in the social setting with other patients is good and necessary. This activity helps the patients to ease back into normal life after they are discharged.

If the patient used to draw and paint before being taken ill, they may be encouraged to slowly take up their art materials again. After trauma is eased, the patient experiences their resources are being freed up to pursue their former interests.

If there is no gainful pursuit (hobby) to occupy the time, the patient may return to thinking about their worries and negativism may return.

I used to volunteer at a hospital ward for recovering patients. I assisted patients to engage in simple art and craft activities. This helped them to focus, concentrate, co-ordinate their mental and motor skills, improve confidence, and bring general satisfaction upon completing a pretty piece of art.

Patients are also interested in simple cooking. Nothing like pasta and tomato sauce, to bring on a smile.

I wrote a post about this cooking lesson here –

If you need help, talk to your counselor/ therapist/ psychiatrist.