Round: Dream Interpretation #18

Girl pushes giant … ball?

I was inspired to create this collage using the round shape. I sometimes dream of creating optical illusions like this. The girl stands at a position where she can create the optical illusion that she is pushing the setting sun, like a round ball.

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Travel: Dream Interpretation #19

The travel dream is a common dream theme. We dream of moving from one location to another destination, by modes of transport like land transport, sea travel or flying. A woman told me she used to dream of flying to different countries. She loved traveling and her desire was expressed in her dreams. She was an amateur photographer. I would have expected her to enjoy taking pictures of the overseas locations, but she didn’t indulge in her hobby. She said she didn’t find the scenery breath-taking enough to shoot rolls of film. She had visited numerous places within a country, but precious few spots were scenic enough to catch her eye and motivate her to snap pictures. I thought her expectations were too high and she was disappointed when she actually saw the reality. After all the time, energy, money and other resources that went towards traveling from home to a destination, the enthusiasm of being there dwindled. I wondered if the hype was bigger than reality. Do you have travel dreams too? Did your travels fulfill your expectations?

Dreaming of packing for traveling
November 15 2016 – I dreamed that my family member told me to pack 12 bedsheets in our luggage to fly to Australia.

Dream interpretation –
Usually, a dream about traveling portends good news. This is especially so when the travel is related to work. The dreamer can expect good news soon.

Updated Jan. 1 2017 – I dreamed that my family and I went overseas. There were many high buildings in the city. From our stance, we could see a whole landscape of buildings, and a castle.

Writing challenge about travel.

Superhero: Dream Interpretation #21

The image in the Photo Challenge and MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie showed a womanly figure with a feline head. I would imagine this as a superhero – the Catwoman. In this day and age, our societies are in dire need of Superheroes. We fool ourselves by indulging in fantasies with fictional super heroes in literature and film. We desire to believe there are good people who got our backs.

What’s the implication when we dream of a superhero? The very surmise of a superhero says it all. He or she is present to resolve problems, dissolve threats and save the day. Dreaming of one Superhero or two is a common theme.

New homes: Dream Interpretation #22

A young woman used to narrate her dreams to me. Her dreams had a recurring theme, which involved living in new homes. I knew she liked to look at different types of houses, although she was not financially capable to buy a property. Her waking life desire manifested in dreams, where she visited or lived in grand houses. From where did her mind conjure such images? She used to look at photos of all kinds of houses and accommodation. Her brain must have stored these images as memories.

Recurring dream which happened on these dates:
July 9 2016 – The woman dreamed she lived in a large house spanning two levels. There were a small boy and a small girl playing together. The babysitter was a domestic helper.

August 9 2016 – The woman said she dreamed of living in the U.K. She was residing alone. She awoke from this dream, because she needed to go to the bathroom. After which she fell asleep and had a second dream. This dream seemingly continued the first dream, in the same theme. Again, it was about living in a different home This was about living in a big house by the beach.

August 13 2016 – The woman dreamed she was living in a new home with her family. The location was in the U.K. She said it was frightening because she had expected to live outside the UK.

Dreaming of a different home again
September 14 2016 – I dreamed I was living somewhere in Europe. My family and I stayed in a house with a garden. A visitor dropped by. Police personnel came to see us and told us to evacuate our house. We packed our bags and went to stay in a hotel. We went window shopping in a mall. A young and small looking girl was also walking around the shopping center. She told us she was also staying in the same hotel as us. She looked like she had Caucasian origins. The general feeling in this dream was happy.

October 6 2016 – I dreamed I was standing in front of a house, with a garden. It looked similar to a relative’s house, except that it wasn’t.

October 201 2016 – Dreaming of staying in a landed property is a recurring dream.

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Assault: Dream Interpretation #23

Dreaming of assault:
Summer died that night. She dreamed her relative beat her up so badly that her blood splattered on the wall behind her. This was the start of a long journey descending into her personal hell. She continued to suffer mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The summer of her life died, sending her into winter. Her abuser was smart enough to avoid public displays of disagreement. As a matter of fact, the abuser played the victim card, accusing her of wrongs that intruded into the zone of discontent. Her dream of being assaulted was a simulation of threat that she faced in waking reality.
Writing Prompt for First Line Friday.

Death does not part us: Comics Part 4

A memory of the grave…

Dreaming of dead person and visiting the grave.

What do images in dreams mean?

Dream interpretation depends on …

Dreams continue themes in …

Dream continued life.

Death does not part us from the deceased. We continue to remember a beloved one in waking life, triggering dreams of nostalgia of old times. These dreams perpetuate the impression that the dead had visited in the realm of sleep.

Hornbill art

Bird flying, bird in mid-flight.

The majestic Hornbill soared across the trees, to visit me in my backyard. By some calculation or fluke, this was its second visit, after  a space of approximately one year. As it hopped away from branch to branch, I wondered if it would make a new appointment to drop by, next year.

#WrittenRiver prompt 1510

By coincidence, I had already completed some pictures of Hornbills on newsprint background. Seeing #WrittenRiver’s pic prompt inspired me to dig up my image and participate in a post about the Hornbill.

staff, cane, ring (pics)

In her youth, she used her staff to guide her flock.
As she grew old, her staff became her cane,
aiding her as she walked away from the noise,
into her inner ring of peace.

#BardBits prompt 7: staff, cane, ring.

#WritingPrompts: walked away

WIP Bus ride with someone.

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Adventurer and wizard.

Walk away from abuse


Walk away from verbal abuse,
walk away from physical violence,
walk away from negativity.
Walk towards your conviction of
a dream of a better tomorrow.

When you walk away, you break the loop of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, where you feel compelled to stay to suffer abuse. When you feel sympathy for your tormentor, you have fallen into the Stockholm Syndrome. Abuse is not a part of your life. Don’t fool yourself into believing that what does not kill you will only make you stronger. Abuse kills. It breaks your mind, stabs your heart and numbs you to succumb farther. Confront abuse if you can. Walk away if you can’t. Leave. Anyone – anyone who stands with an abuser, is guilty of committing the same sins as the abuser.This betrayer of your trust will regroup and launch a fresh attack on you. Walk away from them. Seek help if you need to. Banish the destroyers away from your life.

Walk away before abuse breaks your legs. Please.

#WritingPrompts theme: walking away.

I like this tweet:

Verbal abuse inflicts mental stress, emotional wounds, physical torture and spiritual conflict.

Verbal abuse breaks.

An angry person violates your personal space and boundary, reducing your space.

Abuse is one of the tactics a bully uses to exert influence and control. The bully could not achieve their secret agenda by legitimate means. Abuse is violence meant to break the will power of the victim. It distorts perceptions and corrupts both the bully and victim.

Writing prompt “control“.