OPEN Share Your World 1

I got to know this OPEN Share Your World from Melanie’s post here.

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Post Time: This is an open share your world post

The Questions and my answers:

Q: What would you say was a normal status for you?
When I feel all right and can handle my daily tasks.

Q: Is there anything you’ve allowed yourself to do more of which has shifted your experience of yourself?
I’ve decided to focus on creative writing and drawing.

Q: Has aging actually been a bonus rather than a minus for you?
Its a minus because young people disrespect aging me. These cut into my queue for anything, slam themselves onto my table and takeover my rights.

Q: What does a powercut mean for you, metaphorically or otherwise?
Powercut as in social status? I don’t join the social climbers so it doesn’t affect me.

Q: Have you ever thought/felt that you were broken (or had finally fractured after an extended period of too much stress) and that this was actually a good thing?
After being broken, I am still spending time trying to heal from pain. No, I disagree with whoever invented the phase “Whatever does not kill will only make you stronger”.

Q: What’s your favorite subject (or subjective perspective) and why?
Right now its drawing because its therapeutic.

Q: What have you recently watched and do you know why you watched it? Did you learn anything from it?
I don’t get to choose what I watch on TV. I watch whatever my family tunes in.

Q: What do you think I mean by a ‘social must’?
Socially expected behaviors to show respect.

Q: Have you ever forced yourself to read a must-read book? Which one and why?
I try to read bestsellers on non-fiction and fiction to under the hype behind them.

If anyone wants to participate, please copy the questions and answer them in your own blog and share your link. Thanks.