My Metaphorical Bridges

My Metaphorical Bridges – An essay inspired by the bridges of Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania.

We love to build interpersonal bridges for networking. We build bridges around us and extend them backwards and forwards in time. We’re told never to burn a bridge because we never know when we need to cross them or recross them. In fact, I wouldn’t be here blogging if I lacked my bridges to cross over from harm. I am grateful to people who maintained those bridges for almost my entire lifetime. They did all the toil to ensure I would have a path to journey to safety. Although I sustained collateral damage, I am still intact. I just have to heal. I have done too many perilous crossings to recount the number of incidents.

To all my bridge builders and maintenance team: I love you. May you keep the torches burning bright for all travelers who need to use your life saving bridges. You’re all heroes and heroines.

150 words for this new Staurday’s What Pegman Saw in Pittsburg, Pennsylvannia.