Meaning of white dream, dream interpretation white color

Angel in Joseph’s dream Part 1

Meaning of white dream
White is not really a color. It has a tradition that is associated with purity, good virtues and good traits. People who wish to appear spiritually clean, or brighten their physical appearance, wear white.

However, being too good or too virtuous, can mean you may be cheated easily, and taken advantage of. In the real world, there should be a balance of good and caution to safeguard one’s safety.

White can signify a new beginning. Dreaming of white clothing can mean you will begin a new journey in life. You may get a new job, new home or new environment.

Sometimes, people who have undergone a near death experience, may see a blinding flash of white light, even while awake.

Dream interpretation white color
White is a strong dream symbol. The exact meaning of this dream depends on your personal experiences with white, your cultural knowledge of what this means to you, your personal context and situation in life right now.

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