Meaning of dreaming of incense

Meaning of dreaming of incense sticks – Incense sticks are associated with prayer. Some religions like the Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu, use incense during prayer. This dream imagery is thus linked to prayer, meditation, and asking higher powers to grant requests. If you have participated in these activities during the day, then it is a continuation of your day’s theme, when you dream of incense. There is no special dream interpretation when you are in regular contact with the object of your dream imagery. If you didn’t have prolonged contact with incense, and dream of it, then this symbol bears special significance. This dream may be relaying a message that what you are doing during your day, like working on a tough project, is very difficult. It may be time for you to seek intervention by praying, asking fellow humans for help, or search for feasible solutions. If you see incense in your dream, its dream interpretation is that prayer is being suggested by your brain. In a Catholic church, incense is burned during religious rites. Incense is burned to perfume a room/ space, to improve the quality of air (smell). Mindful Doodles #260 How to light an incense stick? Some of you may laugh at this ridiculous question but this is a reality for young people who have never performed even the simplest of tasks before. Live and learn, greenhorn!
How to light an incense stick?
Writing prompt photo on incense sticks.

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