Are people really staring and talking about you? Mindful Doodles #259

When you are in line at a queue, do you have a creepy or nagging feeling that someone behind you is staring at you? When you turn around, you can’t locate the pair of staring eyes. People behind you are making nonchalant faces and pretending they were not staring at you. You know someone was staring at you. In fact, you think that someone has an ulterior motive and is coming to get you. You feel that you are such an important person that other people want to harm you. This is serious. these are   the signs and symptoms of mental disturbance.

People who are un-usually sensitive may be having a disorder. They should visit a doctor/ psychologist/ psychiatrist or psychotherapist for consultation, psychological and neurological testing. The first medical professional can be a GP doctor, as they are also trained to manage mental disorders. This GP would be able to assess the suitability of referral to a specialist for treatment. It could also be nothing more than stress, which got you all worked up.

Paranoid about someone staring at her.