Meaning of dreaming of hummingbird

To have dreamed of the hummingbird is an unusual dream. Usually we dream generally of birds, as a generic class of fowl. Dreaming of the hummingbird means there are specific traits of this bird, that pertains to you.

Here are some possible meanings for interpretation.

  1. The hummingbird is a fast bird. Maybe you are fast in your speech and actions. maybe you resemble a hummingbird in life.
  2. The hummingbird is cautious and “flirty”. It continues to flap its wings in stationary position, even while it sips nectar from flowers. It is ready to take flight upon the slightest indication of danger.
  3. The hummingbird likes to stay in its territory. Dreaming of this bird can mean you’re being reminded of territory. You observe your space, and may also have to respect and observe another person’s territorial space.
Meaning of bird in dream