Meaning of dream of casting seine nets along lake shore

To dream of using seine nets means you’re using a desperate measure to net fish and marine life. The seine net is a vertical net that stops and traps fish and all that flow into it. The dream interpretation would be to use a method to obtain maximum catch/ advantage. However, this technique of “fishing” has its disadvantages. Useless junk would also be trapped inside the seine net when the fisherman draws up the strings of the net to form a “bag” to trap the catch.

The fisherman who is undiscerning or reckless, has to deal with the aftermath of his action. There is a warning in this. The dreamer should use the message to apply to their current context in life. They should be aware of the consequences of their choice. The ecosystem is harmed. This method is not sustainable.

Vitoria & Antoinette are good friends in Indelicacy, book by Amina Cain.
Dream interpretation of net
Dream of net, dream interpretation of net