If you forget me (comic)

If you forget me, someone else may appreciate me.

Can you make out the storyline? If not, then the artist has to edit/redraw the pictures to clarify for readers. Thank you for contributing your opinion.

Pg. 1.


The first couple has a woman who nags at her partner. The second couple has a man who nags at his partner. The man and woman who were nagged at, walk away despondent and rejected.

Pg. 2—

Pg. 3

Pg. 4

Pg. 5

This comic’s story is about two couples, who are living jaded marriages. Their respective partners nag and lack respect for them. By a twist of fate and irony, the four unhappy people meet and fall for the opposite couple’s partner. The original partners have forgotten their old flames. My theme in this post’s series of drawings, is about toxic relationships which break up and re-bond with new partners.

MLMM writing prompt “if you forget me”.