Finding Vegetable Among Grass

One afternoon, I was a passenger in a car being driven to my destination. En route, the vehicle paused at a traffic stop. I saw an elderly woman plucking plants from among the grass grown along the curb of the road. She was finding vegetable among grass. The plants were runners with tiny leaves. I recognized them as the type that rabbits feed on. My family used to keep a pet bunny and we pulled up these runners to supplement the rabbit’s diet of vegetable scraps. The runner grew randomly among grass. I suppose birds may have dropped its seeds by natural means and helped to disperse them.

The cost of living rises every year. Older people are humble enough to pluck edible plants by the road to eat. This reminds me to try harder to save and conserve my resources.

Back of a horse, grazing on grass. Ink blot art.

Prompt – grass from #RDP .

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