Fighting for cab: Mindful Doodles #377

Mindful Doodles #377 – Fighting for cab

One afternoon, I was standing outside a building when I called my regular cab company, to book a taxi. I noted down the assigned licence plate number and waited. When my cab arrived, a young man rushed across me and an expanse of road, to board my taxi. I couldn’t believe the audacity of his nerve. Lucky for me, the driver fought for my rights. he ejected the man. I showed the driver my cell phone where I had made my booking. I was able to board my ride. Its not always that the driver would stick to the rules and pick up the passenger who booked his taxi. There are several other instances where the drivers picked up different passengers and left me stranded waiting for my cab to arrive. I don’t think its right to punish me and make me late when it is the other passenger who is bully enough to insist on their way.

Fighting for cab.