Elongating as erotic dream, dreaming of elongating

Dream of elongate, dreaming elongating.

Dreaming of elongating
This is a very strange dream. This dream could have been triggered by an incident where you needed to elongate/ expand an item of clothing which did not fit you.

In one incident, I had to pump air into party balloons for a social function. I had to stretch new balloons to expand and elongate them, before fitting the mouth of the balloon over the hand pump. After one dozen balloons, I was tired. I wanted to hand over this chore to another person, but no one in the room was willing to take over. In fact, a few people were gossiping and laughing at me because this chore was unenviable and provoking for the wrong reasons. I overheard the jokes and my ears burned. The event organizers were busy with other duties and I saw my chance to leave the room. I tried to forget about this incident. But that night, I dreamed about it. My dream imagery was different but the theme was the same. My dream was about balloons that didn’t inflate. I stretched the rubbers before pumping them but they didn’t inflate. Either the balloons were faulty or the pump wasn’t working. I woke up from my dream feeling puzzled.

Elongating as erotic dream
Regarding the dream imagery as an erotic symbol is common. There is no need to elaborate on the possibilities of imagery that have connections to eroticism.

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