Dreaming The Vintage Bookshop of Memories (with pictures)

I’ve been dreaming of The Vintage Bookshop of Memories. I wanted to buy one and waited for a bulk purchase to save on shipping costs.

If you dream of a bookshop, it means you love reading books. You have fond memories of bookshops (bookstores).

If you have a book in mind and have yet to buy it or read it in a library, your brain might invent this dream to remind you to get that book. My brain was bugging me consciously in the day, to remember to buy this book. I didn’t dream about it because my brain had already reminded me during my waking hours.

This web post is also a book review for Elizabeth Holland‘s book. I first got to know about her on Twitter, as @EHollandAuthor, when I bought her book The Balance Between Life and Death, which I reviewed at the link.

The Vintage Bookshop of Memories by E Holland: Book Review in PICTURES – I hope this review fulfills expectations.

Pic #1: meet the heroine of the story, Ms. Prudent “Prue” Clemonte.

Prue Clemonte
Fan art for The Vintage Bookshop of Memories.

Book is at:

#PaidLink #ad #CommissionsEarned for a tiny amount:

Dear Ms. Holland,

I hope you like my creative method of making a book review. I hope more browsers will click on this post and be influenced enough to buy. Thank you for attending to this review.

Warm Regards,


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