Dreaming of woman in emerald dress and hat with white feather

Dreaming of woman in emerald dress –

If you dream of a specific person, like a woman in emerald colored dress, and you have never seen her before, ask yourself a few questions. Is she a figment of your imagination? Dreams do invent and create images which are a composite of different images. Maybe you like a particular aspect of the image, like the color emerald. Then your brain creates the image.

The dream interpretation of seeing a woman in an emerald colored dress would be – buy that color of dress for yourself because you like that color.

Dreaming of woman in hat with white feather –

Do you have a hat with a white feather? If yes, do you miss wearing it? If yes, you should wear that hat. Your brain is reminding you to pamper yourself and wear your hat.

If you don’t have a hat with a white feather, then get one. You can buy an ordinary hat of the design you like, then get a white feather and attach it on your hat.

Would you like a fancy hat with a white feather on it? Get one to be the accessory for your dress.

The protagonist in the book saw a woman in an emerald dress. She was also wearing a hat with a white feather.

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