Dreaming of weather in relation to questions

If you were dreaming of the weather, it could be in relation to questions in your mind during your waking hours.

When you have questions during your waking hours, your brain may continue to ponder over them in your sleep. How does your brain answer these questions? The brain may use imagery to create responses to the questions and themes. For instance, imagery of weather may be called up in dreams. The images are visual codes to depict states. For example, dreaming of a storm means your life is challenging, stormy and tough. If you dream of a calm scene, your life is peaceful.

If you meditate during your waking day, you may have contemplated a few spiritual themes or questions. If you dream the following night, it could be due to the lingering themes in your brain. The dream imagery, if relatable, could be your intuition suggesting responses to your questions and themes.

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