Dreaming of colleague

There could be several meanings if you had been dreaming of your colleague.

  1. You had thought about your colleague during the day which triggered your dream at night.
  2. You had a serious confrontation with your colleague during the day.
  3. You had a hunch that your colleague is secretly your enemy and has been plotting against you to run you out of office. In which case, this dream was a reminder of a threat.
  4. You are envious of your colleague and wish you had more qualities like them.
  5. You were distracted by your colleague for some reason best known to yourself. You could be infatuated by them, or you’re suffering from some negative impact from them.
  6. If you dream of having a colleague who does your kind of work, but in reality, you don’t have one who does this kind of work, it means you have an innate desire to have a colleague. Your wish shows up in a dream invented by your brain. In this type of dream, your desire becomes your wish come true.
Dreaming of colleagues from work.