Dreaming of an old phone call

I sometimes dream of an old phone call from my friend. He rang me to cancel an appointment. He gave the excuse that he had to travel out of town. The actual experience was open ended. I didn’t know the actual truth of what happened. That phone call was the last time I spoke to him. I experienced unspeakable sadness which lasted for about one year. Then I decided to let go and start anew.

In my dreams of that old phone call, I saw several scenarios of what could have happened. In each dream, I saw a different scene. In the beginning, my dreams were laced with anxiety for my friend’s safety. I didn’t see any new imagery in the dreams.

After almost 20 years, I seldom dreamed about that phone call. Life had moved on. Then one day, I dreamed about the phone call again. This time, I saw my friend with a woman. It seemed they were dating and in a relationship. After I woke up, I decided this could have been the ending to explain what happened to my friend.

Dreaming of hearing telephone ring.

Prompt – 1. Recall a pivotal phone conversation in your own life. What was it about? Who were you talking to? How did it change/effect your life? Sunday writing prompt “phone call“.

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