Dreamed of Husband’s Mistress pics #7

Penelope dreamed of her husband’s mistress. She was unaware of the gravity of the love affair, until her husband chose to leave her. Then other men in the neighborhood started to disturb her, to chase after her, to woo her affections. The dream of her husband’s mistress led to many consequences.

The drawing shows Hansom and Rhoda, who work in Penelope’s neighborhood. They are hired help who are employed by the management who runs the apartment blocks. Penelope lives in one small unit of one such apartment block. Rhonda carries on with Hansom, which encourages other men working in the estate, to try to tackle lone women in this neighborhood. Lone women who are abandoned after they discover their dreams of their husband’s mistress were true.

Hansom & Rhonda at coffee break.
Hanson & Rhonda spent large amounts of time together, like a couple at work.

Rhonda would send out Hanson to buy two cups of coffee from the food cafeteria next door. Then she would naturally invite Hanson to drink coffee with her.

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