Dreamed being in a fix over moral dilemma

Have you ever dreamed being in a fix? Have you ever dreamed being in a moral dilemma?

What is the meaning of a dream about a major heist that will scam many people? This fraud was done by a few people who you not only know, but are also close to you in relations. In this dream, you’re puzzled as you stand watching like a bystander. You contemplate interfering because you think its unfair to harm many people, for the selfish benefit of a few. Furthermore, you know those few people who are the masterminds behind the cheating scandal. You wake up from your dream confused. Was the dream real? Who should you support? Do you support your close friends, at the expense of other people? Or do you save the bigger group of people because they are the majority and more lives will be affected?

What happens when you abandon and betray your close friends? Can you afford to lose them?

This dream is a reminder of a situation that may be happening in your real life. Or it can be a warning about a possible scenario that might happen soon.

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