Dream of rain and being wet

If you dream of rain and being wet, it can mean the symbol of rain water has significance for you. When you dream of rain and dream you woke up in a wet bed. To interpret this dream, we break this into parts. To dream of rain means either the sky is crying on you, or the water is giving you a good harvest of sorts. If you grow agricultural products which required water, then the dream of rain could be a hint that you may enjoy a good harvest. To choose a dream interpretation that applies, you have to depend on your current context, and what you experienced during the day before you had this dream.

To dream that you woke up in a wet bed after dreaming of rain, means you are being jolted awake, to call you into action. You need to hurry to take advantage of the circumstances. Make good of this rain water resource while it is still available.

Meaning of dreaming of rain.
Flow chart dream interpretation of rain
dream interpretation of rain