Dream of Husband’s Mistress pics #9

This post continues the series of Dream of Husband’s Mistress. Penelope could not keep Andrew in their home. The dream of her husband’s mistress fulfilled its legacy. Andrew left. This was followed by a long consequence of events. Jim started gaslighting Penelope because he wanted to seize control of her apartment. He tries to manipulate Rhonda, the apartment estate manager, to throw out Penelope. So that he can takeover her apartment, sell it, and use the money to pay for his medical treatment.

Rhonda’s brain is confused. It is full of Hanson, Jim, Penelope and how she must navigate to avoid being linked to bad women.

This story’s message warns us to pay attention to dreams.

If you’re interested to follow this series, watch this blog for more. Other pictures will be in the posts Dreaming of Husband’s Mistress. Story Review in pics #8, and then #9, #10 and etc.

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