Dead watching own funeral

The funeral went by in a waltz of shiny cars, black suits, and choreographed tears. Among the many who were watching, someone was not fooled. This was her last show.

She had somatoform disorder. Initially, she pretended she was sicker than her symptoms. She basked in the glow of the attention. Then it became an obsession, to see how much she could milk out of one fake symptom. She refused to eat her medication, because she wanted her make believe illness to linger. If she got well, she would miss her allotment of medical attention, and social gathering. She was hailed as a heroine for surviving malicious disorders. She rejoiced at narrating her tales of hospitalization, to enraptured audiences. She also self medicated by ordering drugs online. After 35 years, her pancreas, heart, lungs, liver, kidney and stomach failed. She lost consciousness. She had a heart attack while in Intensive Care. The doctor on duty managed to resuscitate her. She lived for a day, before her heart failed again. The second time was decisive. Her corporeal body failed her, but her spirit stayed around to watch her last show on earth.

Prompt. (First Line Friday prompt)