Games people play

Games people play can be straightforward or complicated. The types of games people play are varied, fun or dangerous.

If you dream of people playing psychological games, you need to examine your life and decide if the dream bears any relation to your reality.

Here is a fun game.

People play card game.

This water color was done on the back of a grocery bill. This continues my attempt to reduce waste by recycling re-usable papers.

I have lots to say about games but that will have to wait for another time. I may update this post with more images.

This picture was done in response to:

Psychological games people play.
Disqualify you.
Forget/ neglect you.
Persecute you.
Guilt-trip you.
Gas-light you.
Shame you.
Pretend for dishonesty to you.
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Why people play these mind games:
Mental disorder (They may have senility, schizophrenia or somatoform disorder).

Psychological manipulation (for sick mind games).

For any of the 7 sins like ego, greed, jealousy, anger and laziness and etc.

Boots: Dream Interpretation #13

Dreaming of shoes.

Twitter GUIDO v5 @realOMU #drawingprompt 20180822 said to draw a air of shoes. That’s my North Star casual shoes drawn on paper recycled from a fastfood restaurant’s paper bag. The franchise is the one with the golden arches.

I’m making a point on using recycled paper to reduce waste. Otherwise I would be buying stacks of white cards for art. The more paper I buy, more supplies will be ordered to replenish the shelf of the stationary store. Then the factory manufacturing paper will receive more orders to produce more paper. More raw materials from trees will be sourced to make new paper.

Dreaming of Adidas slides.

One of my friends narrated her dream of owning a pair of Adidas slides. The design was simply black and white stripes like old school prison stripes. She listened to her inner consciousness to own a pair of these slides and bought them. Needless to say, she never dreamed about having a pair of Adidas slides again.

Dreaming of boots.

How the dream image of boots was related to my life:

One night, I dreamed of owning a pair of boots. I was surprised by this dream image as I had never EVER thought about buying boots, much less wearing them.

About one year later, I had the occasion to buy AND wear boots. I traveled somewhere where the weather was cold and boots was a necessary item instead of a fashion accessory. I hate to admit that my dream was a predictive type of prophesy. One way of explaining is that the Universe knew I  would require boots and sent that imagery into my dream.

Longevity dream, dreaming of old age, dream meaning long life

The sage presents a stalk of sage to you.

Longevity dream
Some people may dream of longevity, that is, living to a ripe old age. If the dreamer has a family history of having long lives, then this dream merely replays the message of the dreamer expecting to live to an old age.

If the dreamer does not have family genes that suggest their DNA supports living a long life then this dream of longevity may be a false dream. This means the sleeper desired to live long, and the dream was their wish to fulfill that desire. The brain created the dream to grant the wish to the sleeper.

Dreaming of old age
It is difficult to dream of old age because the brain has memories of the past, and not of the future. The brain has stored memories of childhood, right up to adulthood, where the actual age of the sleeper is.

To dream of old age, when the sleeper is not that old, can mean that the body is weak, or ill. The ailing part can send signals to the brain, to inform that it is sick and needs medical attention The dreamer should take notice of this type of message, and get a medical checkup. The full blood test is the main method of diagnosing for signs of deficiency or illness.

Dream meaning long life
Parents may dream of staying alive to a ripe old age, if they had been anxious about caring for their children. Some parents are concerned about helping their children and how they would survive after their passing. This kind of thoughts can trigger the unconscious brain to set off dreams related to the theme of longevity.

Thoughts for pondering
Would you choose longevity over good health? Do you want to live into a ripe old age if your body is weak and your health is ailing?

100 Happy Days Challenge: Day 8

100 Happy Days Challenge: Day 8 on May 8 2019

I’m happy to learn from mistakes. I used to feel sad when I met with errors, obstacles and difficulties. I know these are inevitable. Now I’m glad to be able to learn from mistakes and benefit from them.

I’m happy to learn from mistakes. 100 Happy Days Challenge.

This drawing was done using my non-dominant hand.

Dreaming of reflections in glass, crystal ball, water etc

Dreaming of reflections –

If you dream of seeing reflections in a body of water, mirror, polished surface, …

Dreaming of reflection in glass –
This is a simple reflection. What you see is what you get. Generally, dreaming of seeing a reflection means you are reminded to take a good look at yourself. In a glass reflection, you are limited to what you can see off the reflection of light on the glass surface. What does this tell you about your real life? Are you aware of your behaviors in reality? How do your actions look in the eyes of another person? Are you asked to take stock of your image and maybe do some editing? Dreaming of a reflection in glass can also mean the image that is represented in two dimensions, lacks depth. You can’t reach in to touch or change anything. This could refer to a situation in your waking life.

Dreaming of reflection in crystal ball –
If you dream of seeing images in a crystal ball, you are given hints of what may happen in your future, according to your brain’s perceptions. The images may not be divination, but more of what your brain has invented to appear. There are reasons for making these images appear and these associations are found in your day life.

Dreaming of reflections in water –
Water hides a hidden risk. The depth of water is a risk. What you see in the watery reflection is limited. If you try to touch the water, the reflection will be disturbed and lost. This may be a message about your present life. You are in a volatile position. If you touch the waters around you, the environment gets disturbed.

Writing prompt.

Dream Interpretation rope #7

Dreaming of rope that saves.

Dreaming of using a rope.

This is what the rope was used for:

Hanging by a hair’s breath

How dreaming of rope relates to your life
The rope can be a metaphorical image that tells you are required to use resources to help a person or persons.

Broken (pictures)

Torture maketh the broken mind. A picture paints a thousand words.

Verbal abuse breaks.

Depression zombie


Claustrophobia art pictures

Small spaces make me feel uncomfortable. The fear of small spaces is known as claustrophobia. Bubbles of small spaces are found in small, confined places like an elevator (lift in British English), crowded social settings and when another person encroaches into your mental/ emotional space. Illustrations are below.

Small space in elevator may elicit claustrophobia.

Surrounded by people – personal space is limited.

An angry person violates your personal space and boundary, reducing your space.

How about you? How do small spaces make you feel in these settings?

Adventurer & Wizard: Dream Interpretation #5

How Adventurer & Wizard dreams relate to your life

Many of us have dreamed of being an adventurer or wizard. Sometimes, we don’t recognize we desire to be adventurers  when we dream of traveling to exotic destinations and enjoying the local amenities. Dreams reflect themes in our waking life. If you have thought of being an adventurer, like going to explore a certain place, or methodology, then you might dream about it. Your dream continues the theme you were engaged in, during your day.

Luckily for us, modern civilization has bridged the gaps in language, understanding cultures and tourism. We don’t need to learn magic to enjoy traveling adventures. There are contemporary wizards in the guise of traditional medicine men. They diagnose common and uncommon ailments and prescribe remedies. Have you met this kind of wizard? Would you entrust your health to them if you are in need of medical attention to address an illness?

If you dream of a wizard, it could mean that you had thought about getting a solution for a problem. The challenge maybe difficult for you to  even consider seeking a wizard, to find a solution. Try breaking down the problem. Tackle the small parts and slowly, you’ll solve the whole problem.

Adventurer and wizard.


Adventurer and wizard.