Buying Siraitia Grosvenori: Mindful Doodles #473

Mindful Doodles #473 – Buying Siraitia Grosvenori

A friend recommended this fruit. It is imported and comes as a dried fruit. It looks like an egg, with a thin, fragile shell. The dehydrated fruit pulp can be separated into segments and used to make its own kind of drink. Hot water is used to help the reverse osmosis process, to extract the favors and benefits from the fruit.

Don’t you find the sales assistant ironic? Under normal circumstances, sales staff don’t say they expect you to visit again, if the product they sold you can help improve your health. You don’t need to visit the shop to buy more organic supplements. However, the culture is to make you feel valued and to say you are welcome for future visits.

Buying Siraitia Grosvenori.