Dreaming of shopping, dining and going to the movies with soul of dead

Did you ever dream of shopping with the soul of a dead person? Or maybe dreaming of dining out with the soul of a deceased? Did it creep you out when you dreamed of going to the movies with a soul of dead person?

This book review is on Interpreting Dreams on Dead People by Cai.

Why read Interpreting Dreams on Dead People?

My female friend, J., from a church along the east coast of my geographical region related some dreams her mother had. Her father had died many years ago and her mother sometimes dreams about him. J. related anecdotes of how her Mom dreamed her husband was spending time with her, doing the activities they used to engage in, before his death. The couple went shopping, dining out and even went to the movies, in her dreams. My friend J. believed that her deceased father’s soul visited her Mom in dreams. J. believed the purpose was to spend time with her Mom, to console her.

J.’s Mom missed her husband since he died when he was relatively young in his middle age. She might have dreamed about him because of nostalgia and her psychological need for reassurance that he continues to be present in their lives.

This book will explain why living people dream of dead people.

Dreams about dead people are about …
Interpreting Dreams on Dead People

Look at the book

Interpreting Dreams on Dead People.

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