Boat: Dream Interpretation #12

This was when I was dreaming of being in a boat. I was in the open sea, like floating in the ocean of memories. This dream was a replay of one of the incidents at sea. I used to windsurf and row a rubber dingy when I was younger. One day, I was at the beach, rowing out to sea. I was about one to two miles away from shore, when I saw that the shoreline looked curved. I panicked as I recalled my old science lessons on how the Greek philosopher Pythagoras (early 6th century B.C.) told that the earth was round. I may get pulled away from shore. I looked down at the ocean and its water was a dull green and murky. I put in effort to row myself back to the sandy beach. When I dream of a boat, rowing, windsurfing or water-bike cycling, I recall this incident.

Dreaming of rowing a boat.

How dreaming of boat relates to your life –
The boat is a dream metaphor of a rescue vessel. When you’re in water, you need to be saved and the most probable vessel is a boat. The other images in your dream will help to do the dream analysis. Like if you see yourself as a crew on the boat, then your dream tells you to help people in waking life.

Dreaming of a boat says you are traveling on water. You may have received information during the day that you would be going away traveling. If your brain received the information that your journey would be by boat, then you are likely to dream about going on a boat journey.

Traveling via boat is a slow journey, in comparison to travel by plane. Your dream tells you that your journey to a destination will be slow.

If your work deals with water and water related issues, then this dream does not mean much for you. As dreaming continues themes during your day, the dream image of traveling on water does not hold much special significance, as you are in sight of water every day at work.

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