Bad pick up lines on March 27 2019: Mindful Doodles #486

Mindful Doodles #486 – Bad pick up lines on March 27 2019

Bad pick up lines.

The bad pick up lines I heard from just ONE man, in just ONE CONVERSATION. The brackets contain the subversive latent meaning.

1) I can speak your speak. (I am like you.)

2) I am familiar with your culture. (I’m your homie.)

3) I have relatives who studied in your former school. (I understand your background.)

4) I don’t have to pay education for my grown up kids. (I have money to blow on women.)

5) I got a good job. (I’m flush.)

6) I paid for my kids when they were young. (I’m a generous man and can be generous to you.)

6) My wife is busy at work. (I’m free to party.)

7) I live in a big apartment/ flat. (You should come home with me.)

8) I know a lot. (I’m smart and good for you.)

9) Where do you work? (I wanna stalk you.)

10) What time do you get off work? (I wanna pick you up.)

11) I got my retirement all planned. (I can afford to maintain a mistress.)

12) One of my sons is applying for a pilot program. (Board my boy’s plane.)

13) Can I do anything more for you? (I want to be your go-to guy.)

I’m sorry but I am disgusted.

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