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The answer is here if you want to know the best of two worlds. The below prompt sparked the idea of how a disadvantaged “party” can overcome their odds in the fight for survival.

This post contains notes to myself, as I scramble my thoughts on how to use this writing prompt. Here it is: @sff_prompt_bot made by @PigArcher posted this writing challenge – Tiny, tusked visitors from a far-away world who search for others of their kind.

This is a great prompt that fired inspiration for me. Usually I can’t write from random story prompts. This prompt worked for me.

Fiction or otherwise, we have had human sized dwellers with “tusks” from a faraway fantasy tale, who actively search for others of their same kind. One example is the vampire. Their canines look like tusks protruding out from the regular line of teeth. Vampires don’t really need to search for their kind. They can recruit, induct, convert other humans into their clan, by giving them the bite.

My Story’s Plot:
I would write a plot on small visitors from another planet who have valuable tusks. Residents of the home planet Earth, desire to possess the tusks. They resort to hunting down these aliens. These visitors are unaware of the nasty outcomes that await them when an earthling confronts them for the purpose of capturing them, dead or alive. Their prized tusks are harvested, and then they are imprisoned in captivity. Since they are tiny, the amount of tusk extracted from one alien is very little., like a small apple seed. Earthlings are greedy. They want to keep them to breed them. If the aliens reproduce, there would be a second generation of tusks to harvest. If the adult aliens regrow a new set of tusks, then these would also be harvested upon maturity.

There’s a snag in this master plan to keep the “geese that lay golden eggs”, aka the aliens that sprout the valuable tusks. These foreign immigrants feed on blood and decaying meat. Their menu resembles that of a vulture and vampire, combined.  The human keepers have to farm this kind of food to nurture their captives. There are precious few manpower who are willing to do the dirty work which makes them prone to catching infections. Even then, these workers become lazy and slack. They hurry through the uncomfortable work, wearing disposable sterile garments, face masks, gloves, plastic coverings for footwear. In short, they are 100% protected to reduce the risks of getting infected.

One day, the inevitable happens. Someone or a group of workers made a big and grievous mistake. The electrical and electronic gate to an enclosure housing a group of aliens was accidentally opened. The aliens escaped.

Humans are divided in their opinions. One school of opinion said the aliens should be hunted down, recaptured and imprioned. Another school of opinion came from activists who shouted that the aliens should be set free to allow them to return to their motherland. Mankind should help them construct a space ship to send them out into the galaxy and fly them home.

Capitalists desire to capture the aliens for their own gain. Socialists wish they could benefit from using them as cash cows. They argue that its the case of finders keepers.  Everyone who finds the aliens would like to keep them. These two diverse groups hire their own private bounty hunters to track and capture the aliens.

The visitors would have none of it. They have banded together and put their brains to work. They join hands to unite their brains and generated a large surge of electrical activity. This disrupted the power plants. The humans are without electrical power.

The aliens are hungry now. They also thirst for revenge. They plan to capture humans, imprison them and farm them for food and drink. They will return tit for tat. The biggest obstacle is their size. They are so tiny. How are they to go against a human? It would be like David fighting Goliath. One wise, old alien said, “Let’s mate with the humans to produce bigger sized offspring. Then our progeny will enjoy the best of both breeds.”

The male aliens are the first to agree. It was only common sense to exploit the physical dimensions of the human female, to cross mate and get her to carry the new hybrid to full term. They discuss the logistics and procedure to carry out their plan.

The tiny tusked aliens use a sleeping portion, like chloroform, to knock out a lone female at a farm. She was a milkmaid carrying out her duty early in the morning. She was overpowered by the drug and fell unconscious. Two brave aliens volunteered for the task of impregnating the milkmaid. A series of NSFW actions were committed. The rest of the colony of aliens built a covering to throw over her prone body, to hide her from other humans. The aliens plan to keep her drugged and immobile until the birth of their offspring.

The aliens had to wait for their next generation to grow up, source for the raw materials to build their space ship, that would bring them home. Mean time, they feed on the humans.

One day, the aliens are almost done with the construction of their space craft. They will be ready to blast off soon. This was the time for the entire colony of aliens to celebrate, except for one alien. He was called Jim. He had fallen in love with his human female, who had bore him several hybrid sons and daughters. He wished he could carry her on board their space ship. He begged his elders to allow him to take her back to their homeland. As expected, they scolded him for being sentimental. She wouldn’t be able to breathe on their planet, they said. There would be no available human food for her. She would die a painful death.

Jim knew they spoke the truth. His heart was heavy. He consoled himself with the thought that he would see his woman sweetheart in the children she bore him. They had inherited some of her facial features which he liked.

Unknown to the aliens, the human females which they appropriated for their breeding nursery, had changed in anatomy after carrying their hybrid babies. As their babies’ blood made contact with their blood in the uterus, they absorbed the alien blood too.

The answer is here for the aliens and humans (#AnswerIsHere).

The story continues…

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