Addiction in dreams or otherwise

A writing tip from Twitter’s @RandomPrompts caught my eye. It said “The hero has an addiction to jelly beans“.

Addiction and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are similar. The former sustains itself because the person feels pleasure with the activity. In the latter (OCD), the person does not feel delight with the type of behavior, but is compelled to maintain the odd habit because of the near impossible breaking away from the loop of OCD.

For example, the person who loves jelly beans and constantly eats them, has acquired the taste for them. The sense bds on the tongue are stimulated by jelly beans. he begins to feel emotional and mentally insecure when there is no jelly bean in his mouth. He thinks he must have a jelly bean because he is happy with it.

At one stage, he will realize that eating so much jelly beans is bad for his health. He has lost his appetite for regular food, because his digestive system is full of jelly beans. His health suffers. He knows he has to quit his jelly bean habit. He tries to reduce his quantity of jelly beans for the day. If he can break free, he does not have a OCD on jelly beans. If he can’t break loose from his habit, he is likely to be having an OCD on eating that confectionery. He should seek professional help to intervene in his habit.

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