Lift Up Your Heart: Mindful Doodles #316

Mindful Doodles #316 – Lift Up Your Heart

If you feel stressed or under the weather, take yourself and your pet, out for a walk. The fresh air and refreshing change of scenery will lift up your heart and spirit. Pets need exercise, fresh air and the nature too.

Mixed media – newspaper, inks, recycled brown papers, white yarn, green paper, blue water color.

Weekly Prompts, Photo Challenge Up.


  1. Hello again. I love your doodles, such a great way to respond to our challenges. Thank you
    Such a pity your visitors are unable to click LIKE. You are not the first to have had this problem!

    Take a look at our updated ‘How To’ page, the instructions for activating LIKE and allowing comments without form filling are here.

    1. Hi Sue. Thanks for caring. I did visit your how to webpage but the info doesn’t apply to my website. Its self hosted. I checeked my dashboard and it is different from your example.

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