#writethepandemic Prompt 11: Thriving in Covid-19

During Covid-19, my local area went into various stages of social distancing, culminating in a partial lockdown. People who were used to mingling didn’t observe social distancing rules. The authorities had to start issuing tickets with penalties. At the opposite end of the spectrum, folks who were troglodyte were happy to have the perfect excuse to stay away. They are thriving in this environment. So, are you social or troglodyte?


This is the host’s corresponding blog post in Lightning Droplets on prompt 11.

#writethepandemic Writing Prompt from – Shelter and Write (#shelterandwrite), by Jaclyn Bergamino. List of 30 prompts here.

10. Go outside and write a haibun.

11. Write about a character who thrives during the pandemic.

12. Write in detail about one small thing you are particularly grateful for right now.

13. Rewrite a piece of writing that you wrote before COVID-19 began.

14. Describe in detail one small, concrete change in your world in recent weeks.

15. Look at your fears upside down to find keywords to use in your writing.

16. Find at least one other person to create a piece of writing with.

17. Write a letter to yourself 3 months ago. 

18. Write about a character for whom the pandemic is a plot twist.

19. Tell the story of an image that has left a lasting impression on you.

20. Write a conversation in which someone quells your fears. 

21. Create an erasure of a text having to do with the coronavirus.

22. Respond line by line to a poem that resonates with you in these times.

23. Write a detailed description of your current daily life.

24. Write in detail about a place you cannot be right now. 

25. Create a piece of writing based around found words and phrases. 

26. Write a difficult conversation that you have had or should have. 

27. Write a story in which a good-news headline is the catalyst for the plot. 

28. Write about someone more affected by COVID-19 than you are. 

29. Bring a piece of art about the pandemic to life. 

30. Write about a new connection in recent weeks.