Why you need to know how nightmares originate

Why you need to know how nightmares originate? This useful information helps you circumnavigate triggers that cause nightmares. Rather than deal with the many issues from a nightmare, we learn how to avoid these bad dreams.

Where do nightmares come from?

Here are some traditional beliefs which attempt to explain what gives rise to nightmares:

  1. Nightmares begin from external stimulants like alcohol, drugs, stress, trauma, fears & other negative inputs.
  2. Evil forces, spirits, possessions and supernatural circumstances may instigate frightening dreams.
  3. Openings to the dreamer’s edge of consciousness may supposedly invent nightmares due to their mysterious forces.


What is responsible for causing nightmares? What do scientists say about the origins of nightmares? Why do some people see nightmares more often than others? Are there lucky people who never experience nightmares?

The answer depends on the individual. Researchers said nightmares, like dreams, are invented by individual dreamers.

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