What do you do when you hear voices in your head?

What do you do when you hear voices in your head? You know they are voices in your head because you hear them everywhere you go. You can’t run away from them. You move from one location to another. You hear the same voices. You take yourself to a temporary location like a supermarket or clinic. You hear the voices. You can’t run. You can’t hide. There is no logical explanation how the voices are able to follow you. They seemed to originate from your neighbors. But then, they are able to follow you everywhere you go. They stalk you online, hack your smartphone, read your thoughts, perform completed surveillance in your home … How are all these possible?

You tell your family members. You ask them if they hear voices talking. They say no. They can’t persuade you that there are no voices talking in the background.

You tell your friend. They say to ignore the voices.

You complain to the police about harassment from stalkers. The knowing policeman suggests politely and tactfully that you talk to a psychiatrist. This is the most sensible action to take. Get an appointment with a psychiatrist.

You talk to your parish priest. He says the voices can’t harm you. He says to be at peace with them. He says Jesus gives peace to all who follow him, attend mass, pray the rosary and etc. The priest is right. The voices can not harm you. You need to be at peace with yourself.

You may talk to a nun. She would say to ignore the voices. She says to avoid messing with spiritual forces. She says the Vatican insists on assessments by a neurologist and a psychiatrist before the religious and clergy are allowed to interfere for exorcism. The nun prays with you, for your healing.

The next day, you discover the voices are fading and receding. You believe now that the voices are auditory hallucinations. You believe the theory that stress was likely the main culprit in triggering this episode of auditory hallucination.

You want to get spiritual help from the religious order anyway. You follow instructions to attend one consultation with a neurologist and one assessment with a psychiatrist. The neurologist does the standard procedure of clinical interview, nerve reflex assessment and stops at the clock of one hour. The psychiatrist is in favor of medication to treat depression and hallucination. You don’t want to become addicted to meds so you don’t touch the “happy” drugs.

You think now that you suffered stress which may have triggered off an episode of psychosis. Its subsequent schizophrenia symptom was auditory hallucination.

What is your best course of action? If you can’t manage your illness, listen to your psychiatrist. That is the professional best suited to handle mental health challenges.

This is a multi-faceted approach to tackling the issue of hearing voices in the head.

Disclaimer –

This post is not a substitute for professional treatment.