What could be a male toddler’s daydreams?

What could be a male toddler’s daydreams? Here’s what Freud had to say about a male toddler’s daydreams:

Freud’s writings referred to a male child, who he nicknamed Hans, to shield his privacy. Hans, being typically curious as a three year old, used to explore and talk about his organ as a functional part for passing piss. His mother was alarmed at her son’s inclination to talk about a taboo subject and attempted to discourage this by telling Hans it was taboo and she would rat on him to his doctor, who would then mutilate him with an amputation. Han innocently countered her by saying he could adapt and live without it. Parents across centuries usually handled their sons’ curiosity by imposing forbidden actions.

The child Hans used to daydream and fantasize marrying his mother and being in a complicated Oepidus triangle relationship. His parents didn’t help to defuse his confusion on his male organ. In fact, they contributed to his pondering with distortion.

Dreams are usually invented from memories. Childhood memories are especially potent for creating dreams. The dreams can be derived from several combinations of creation. If the child was stressed and traumatized by their experiences, the adult self will not dream of themselves as a child. That traumatized person’s unconsciousness wants to protect them from hurt and thus does not allow the re-creation of the wounded child in the dream. The adult dreamer will see other forms of themselves in the dream. Other invented forms can be about other children.

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