Werewolf dream, dreaming of werewolf, dream interpretation werewolf (updated)

What happens when a person wakes up from a bad dream?

Werewolf dream
A werewolf dream whereby a human turns into a this creature, is a metaphor. The dream symbol of werewolf denotes a transformation sparked by stress. If a human faced an extreme situation where the basic responses are either fight or flight, this person may transform to become a bad creature, to save themselves.

Every human is capable of doing good or bad actions. The tipping point sends the human into the avalanche towards the evil side. Some of the common vices which send people into the dark side are ego, greed, lust, jealousy, anger and laziness.

Dreaming of werewolf
What were your recent activities during the day? Did you face anything that could have triggered this type of dream?

Dream interpretation werewolf
Every individual has their own unique set of factors and experiences which give specific meanings to their dreams. A dream is usually a continuation of themes that the person faced during the day. Sometimes, a dream is a series of imagery in a complex story. However, decoding the complex web of images can reveal the basic message.

What can you do to avoid turning into a “werewolf”? The good path is often a difficult one. In the long run, the proper way saves you plenty of time and resources as you don’t create more complications for yourself to handle.

Traditional story about the two wolves in every personality.

The Native American tribe of Cherokees has a proverb on “Two Wolves”. The story goes that an elderly man tried to teach his grandson about a person’s ego and alter ego. He called them the two wolves inside every one. One wolf personality is evil, while the other wolf personality has good qualities. These two personalities are always fighting. The young boy asked Grand-dad which wolf would win. His grandfather said that the wolf which is fed (with attention) would win.  If the evil wolf was fed, it would win. If the good  wolf was fed, it would win.

If you have heard of this tale, you would relate to this. Your knowledge of this rich culture. May.  Have triggered the dream imagery of one werewolf, or a few were wolves. If this. Interpretation is relevant to your context in real life, then your dream analysis would be about receiving a warning. You are being reminded to choose carefully. For your decision would lead to consequences like deciding your path towards good or evil. 

More dream interpretations: 

This dream can also be a message on contacting the animalistic side of your personality. Your natural talents and gut feeling  may be valuable in a different job/ work/ environment. The. Dream symbol of werewolf is an icon to represent the nature in you. Does this interpretation speak of your present context?If you had been considering changes in your life, your thoughts may have triggered this dream. 

Returning to nature, nature therapy and natural environment for the ‘werewolf ‘ in me.

I’ve never had a garden since I was 21 years old. I’ve been living in apartments in concrete jungles in urban townships because of financial circumstances. I love nature and miss it dearly. I keep potted plants to make up for the lack of greenery in my tiny dingy apartment.

In Spring 2021, I relocated several times due to my tenure with a real estate agency handling my short term leases. In my first move, I brought my lock, stock and barrel. That set off the alarm for the agency, who then stated their ultimatum in an email – only luggage allowed into their rental apartments. Virtually overnight without warning, I was forced to give away all my plants. They require water and TLC and wouldn’t survive in the warehouse with my other household junk. The leased apartment building’s housekeeper was only too happy to scoop all my plants in one fell swoop. Her eyes glittered the way eyes do when they see money.

I packed my essential daily necessities into one suitcase. My kitchen utensils comprising of one pot, one sauce pan and one box of cutlery, found themselves squeezed into my second suitcase. My family has severe food preferences so we had to pack our regular pantry of dry food to relocate with us..The wolf in me desired to do right by them and pacify the bad wolf in them. Basic groceries filled two large canvas bags. I mean, really large bags. Still, I missed the comforts of home like having a metal jug to store hot boiled water for cooling and drinking.

In one of the serviced apartments, I had to walk a good 20 minutes to reach the nearest supermarket. It was merely a functional grocery store, as it failed to stock the freshest green produce. The wolf in me didn’t mind apples with wrinkled skin, but it resented the lack of meat and fish products.

I also hated apartments without open balcony – the only free space that allowed fresh air to blow into a dingy shoe box living space stacked upwards into the sky. The balcony was a tiny place where I could return to a part of nature and reconcile with the “animal” in me.

Dream of werewolf:

The werewolf is a sinister animal. It represents what we fear. When you see a dream symbol of a werewolf, it means you are confronted with your fear. Perhaps in real life, you are afraid of something/ somebody/ a situation. This dream reminds you that you can’t run away from it. Your fear is represented by the dream imagery. In waking hour, you are afraid of the werewolf, so your brain calls upon it to confront you.

Dream interpretation of wolf
Dream interpretation of wolf

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