Werewolf dream, dreaming of werewolf, dream interpretation werewolf

What happens when a person wakes up from a bad dream?

Werewolf dream
A werewolf dream whereby a human turns into a this creature, is a metaphor. The dream symbol of werewolf denotes a transformation sparked by stress. If a human faced an extreme situation where the basic responses are either fight or flight, this person may transform to become a bad creature, to save themselves.

Every human is capable of doing good or bad actions. The tipping point sends the human into the avalanche towards the evil side. Some of the common vices which send people into the dark side are ego, greed, lust, jealousy, anger and laziness.

Dreaming of werewolf
What were your recent activities during the day? Did you face anything that could have triggered this type of dream?

Dream interpretation werewolf
Every individual has their own unique set of factors and experiences which give specific meanings to their dreams. A dream is usually a continuation of themes that the person faced during the day. Sometimes, a dream is a series of imagery in a complex story. However, decoding the complex web of images can reveal the basic message.

What can you do to avoid turning into a “werewolf”? The good path is often a difficult one. In the long run, the proper way saves you plenty of time and resources as you don’t create more complications for yourself to handle.