Visual Imagery Meditation #12

We’re discussing Visual Imagery in your mind, as you meditate. The previous post in this Meditation series was Visual Imagery Meditation #11 and it was about seeing a lighted candle in your mind’s eye, as you meditate. That visual imagery was secular; a commonly held symbol of hope, in times of mourning, despair and reflection.

Now, we’re going to talk about using a religious image to see in your mind’s eye, as you meditate. As a Catholic, I would use a visual imagery of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross. If you belong to another religion, you would choose your favorite religious imagery to meditate.

You should choose an image that helps you feel secure, relaxed, calm, peaceful and happy.

If you get distracted during this 90 second meditation, calmly return to your image in your mind, and focus again. There is no need to feel upset for distractions.

There are types of religion that ban meditation. If your religion preaches against the practice of meditation, please follow its teachings.

If you choose a religious iconic image to see in your mind’s eye, for meditation, the practice is similar to that written in post #11. You focus on the image in your mind. You release all other distraction from external stimuli, and internal mental thoughts about other issues. You think about your chosen image and immerse yourself in the beauty of the image. You don’t need long to meditate. You can spend 90 seconds on visual imagery meditation, as a beginner.

Jesus Christ crucified on the cross.

Drawing and writing was done with my non-dominant hand.