Travel: Dream Interpretation #19

The travel dream is a common dream theme. We dream of moving from one location to another destination, by modes of transport like land transport, sea travel or flying. A woman told me she used to dream of flying to different countries. She loved traveling and her desire was expressed in her dreams. She was an amateur photographer. I would have expected her to enjoy taking pictures of the overseas locations, but she didn’t indulge in her hobby. She said she didn’t find the scenery breath-taking enough to shoot rolls of film. She had visited numerous places within a country, but precious few spots were scenic enough to catch her eye and motivate her to snap pictures. I thought her expectations were too high and she was disappointed when she actually saw the reality. After all the time, energy, money and other resources that went towards traveling from home to a destination, the enthusiasm of being there dwindled. I wondered if the hype was bigger than reality. Do you have travel dreams too? Did your travels fulfill your expectations?

Dreaming of packing for traveling
November 15 2016 – I dreamed that my family member told me to pack 12 bedsheets in our luggage to fly to Australia.

Dream interpretation –
Usually, a dream about traveling portends good news. This is especially so when the travel is related to work. The dreamer can expect good news soon.

Updated Jan. 1 2017 – I dreamed that my family and I went overseas. There were many high buildings in the city. From our stance, we could see a whole landscape of buildings, and a castle.

Writing challenge about travel.

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  1. Thanks for adding your thoughts on this prompt. No, I don’t have travel dreams and yes when I did travel my expectations were fulfilled.

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