The Alpha Male is a Reality: Mindful Doodles #428

Mindful Doodles #428 – The Alpha Male is a Reality.

The Alpha Male is the apple of the eye, or in other words, he makes himself the focus of attention. There are males who make up for their self perceived shortcomings, by being ultra masculine. Like for example, the male who does not want his girlfriend to look at another male. What can he do to achieve this? He can shoo away other males so that his girlfriend has no other man to look at, except him. He can find excuses to make the other men leave, so that there are no men for his girlfriend to stare at. He takes center-stage.

The Alpha Male is intelligent and diligent. He may not be super smart, but he thinks about his moves. He may not be standing high on the corporate ladder but he manages well on his rung. He has confidence to try to manage his situations. If he makes mistakes, its because he does not plan in advance how to avoid situations that are out of his control. Like when his subjects (people) behave in unexpected ways. However, he learns from his mistakes. He will change, make adjustments and do everything he knows, to avoid a repeat of the same contextual mistakes. He may also neglect to anticipate what the other people around him might think or suspect.

Who do you think is the Alpha Male?

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