Comic on Dreams Part 2

Comic on Dreams Part 2 continues the series. This installment again compiles 10 picture frames together. If you missed the earlier installment, search for Comic on Dreams Part 1.

What language do you dream in?

Men and women dream and have nightmares too.

Communication in dreams.

Internal stimulus creates dream of association.

My friend dreamed about me…

Dreaming of a stairway.

Dreaming of trying to reach safety.

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Gina told me her dream of …

Dream of dead relative and scent.

Grim Reaper.

She had an ill feeling about the male dressed in black.

She thought the male was the Grim Reaper of Souls.

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Comic on Dreams Part 1

Comic on Dreams Part 1. This post compiles 10 picture frames which were posted individually earlier.

Studying psychology.

Wondering what to write

Login screen.

Writing about dreams


How we recognize people in our dream.

Self-awareness & identification in dreams.

What it means when you dream of your boyfriend (or girlfriend).

A dream is a repressed desire.

Emotional state continues during dream. She is perched on the edge of emotional instability. 

Comic on Dreams will be continued soon in another post.

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