Dancing anthropomorphism cat: A to Z Challenge April 4 2021

Today is Day 4 of the A to Z Challenge. We feature the letter D in a Dancing Anthropomorphic cat. It jumped and twirled in mid-air.

Cat-human anthropomorphic dancer
Anthropomorphic cat dancer in water colors. It wears a cute skirt made of a tiny cupcake casing. this dancer is cut from card paper, and pasted as a collage onto a background of painted acrylic.

A to Z Challenge April 4 2021, category “Other and Miscellaneous”. Tags: A to Z Challenge April 4 2021, AtoZChallenge, #AtoZChallenge

The additional challenge is a Scavenger Hunt, to find blogs that feature D for Dragon. My blog has an old post about dragonfly. I need more time to find a blogger who has written about a dragon for this April’s A to Z challenge.

Dreaming of dragonflies.

Cloth cats: A to Z Challenge April 3 2021 Post #3

C is for cloth cats cooing.

Cats made from cloth
Two cats looking at each other sitting on grass.

A to Z Challenge April 3 2021, category “Other and Miscellaneous”. Tags: A to Z Challenge April 3 2021, AtoZChallenge, #AtoZChallenge.

Post #0 introduces the set up of A to Z Challenge.

This project uses textiles and is entered into another blogger’s co-running challenge (Frederique) that has her specific theme of sewing & textiles. ‘

John, the original creator of the annual April’s A to Z challenge, has an extra dash of spice for this year’s A To Z blog participants. He asks us to join in a scavenger hunt, to search for bloggers who feature cobwebs in April 3rd’s entry. I have a few drawings of spiders, but not exactly cobwebs. Still, spiders must be a substitute. πŸ™‚

Common dreams – swimming, insect, spider, scorpion.

Here’s the mother of all spiders:

Spider demon Halloween coloring page.

Frederique’s letter C is on Chaussettes, which is French for socks.

Applique cat: A to Z Challenge April 1 2021 Post #1

A is for applique cat, sewn on cloth, which was then sewn onto card paper. The background is a silhouette of an orchid. Paint droplets were brushed over a clean, plastic comb.

A to Z Challenge April 1 Thursday 2021, category “Other and Miscellaneous”. Tags: A to Z Challenge April 1 2021, AtoZChallenge, #AtoZChallenge.

I chose that category because I was unsure what type of content I could create.

This challenge is linked to Frederique’s sewing theme for her blog posts on A to Z Challenge, at https://quiltingpatch.blogspot.com/

Applique cat on card
Applique cat silhouette sewn to cloth, sewn onto card.

I’m a beginner and self-taught artist. I welcome suggestions for different art forms (and medium) based on my main subject, which is the domestic cat. Thank you.

Frederique’s Sewing/ Textile challenge for the letter A is Abat-jour, the French word for lampshade.

John has a suggestion for participants. Since we may be visiting other blogs, he says to look for bloggers who posted about apple, and the next day, bear and etc. He says its a scavenger hunt. We’re supposed to gather the specific items mentioned in those blog posts and copy-paste the link in our corresponding respective post. For eg., if a blog post is about apple, copy their link and paste it into my own post on the letter A.

A is for β€” Apple 🍏
B is for β€” Bear 🧸
C is for β€” Cobweb πŸ•Έ
D is for β€” Dragon 🐲
E is for β€” Evil πŸ‘Ώ
F is for β€” Flowers πŸ’
G is for β€” Game 🎲
H is for β€” Hat πŸ‘’
I is for β€” Island 🏝
J is for β€” Jewelry πŸ’
K is for β€” Key πŸ”‘
L is for β€” Leaves πŸ‚
M is for β€” Men πŸ‘¬
N is for β€” Nuts πŸ₯œ
O is for β€” Orange 🍊
P is for β€” Pen πŸ–Š
Q is for β€” Questions ❓
R is for β€” Rainbow 🌈
S is for β€” Scissors βœ‚
T is for β€” Tiger 🐯
U is for β€” Uniform πŸ’‚
V is for β€” Velvet 🧢
W is for β€” Whale 🐳

X is for β€” X-ray 🦴
Y is for β€” Yellow πŸ’›
Z is for β€” Zipper 🀐


A to  Z blog challenge every April
A to Z blog challenge every April

In addition, the creator of the A to Z challenge has an extra challenge – collect letter A blogs that feature Apples. Copy and paste their links below:

Glenda, Charlie & David Cates share a blog about homeschooling. In this A to Z challenge, they have included an apple pie recipe.

A to Z Challenge April 2021: Post #0

This is my first A to Z Challenge, in April 2021. TAG #AtoZChallenge. Host John Holton, has a special blog post introducing this year’s A to Z Challenge.

This challenge involves posting almost daily in April, from Monday to Saturday. Starting April 1, the post would be focused on a keyword starting on the letter of the alphabet A. April 2 will have a keyword that starts with letter B. And etc. Sunday is a rest day. The next posting day repeats the cycle of Monday to Saturday, using the remaining letters of the alphabet.

I’m unsure what to blog about so I choose my theme to be “Other and Miscellaneous”.

If you’re interested to join, go to John’s blog post #AtoZChallenge at the link, before March 20 2021. He collects the list of blogs joining in this challenge. He has a dedicate web form for you to sign up and state your choice of theme you desire to blog about in April.


Frederique runs a blog on Sewing/ Textile. She is hosting her own version of A to Z challenge, based on sewing projects too at https://quiltingpatch.blogspot.com/

She shares a link with A to Z sewing projects which we can use for April’s #AtoZChallenge:



I copied and pasted below, Frederique’s suggestions for sewing projects.

Frederique: Here are some ideas (techniques, projects, block or quilt names, etc.):
A: apron, appliquΓ©,

B: bags, buttons, butterfly, bookmark,

C: cards (textile), Crazy quilt,

D: doll, dress, Dog block, Drunkard’s Path block,

E: embroidery, Eight-pointed Starblock,

F: fabrics, Four patch block, French Knots,

G: Geese (Flying Geese block), gauge, Grandmother’s Puzzle block,

H: House block, heirloom, hand dye, headband,

I: infinity scarf, iron,

J: Jacob’s Ladder block,

K: kitten block, Kansas Star block,

L: Log Cabin block, lace,

M: mug rug, memory quilt, Morning Gloryblock,

N: needle, needle case, Nine Patch block,

O: orange (color), Ohio Star block, origami,

P: pillow, pincushion, pencil case, Pineapple block,

Q: quilt,

R: ribbons, Rainbow, rotary cutter, rulers (quilting and sewing tools),

S: Star block, sewing machine, softies, slippers, snood,

T: thread, travel pillow, tea cozy,

U: Union Star block,

V: Velcro,

W: wallet, Wonder clips, wool,

X: X & Plus block,

Y: yarn, yoyo, Yankee Puzzle block,

Z: Zig Zag block

Commentators who are in this Challenge:

Sarah at theoldshelter.com Her theme is history.

Frederique https://quiltingpatch.blogspot.com/ Her theme is sewing & textiles.

Ian https://iainkellywriting.com/

curiousasacathy.com Her theme is sketching Disney cartoon characters.