Snitch to swindle and kill

Plot idea:

The wife of a CEO of a photo printing service company, eavesdrops on conversations in her neighbor’s apartment. Then she snitches on her neighbor, to inform the head of a secret society. Their common motive is to swindle money and kill the victim. The married woman is under the spell of the secret society boss, who happens to be a married man. The two people who are married to other people, are in a strange close relationship.

FOWC, #FOWC for Jan 22 2021 is snitch.

Change defeat to gracious deferment.
He wants to win his game at any cost, even if the victory is only with words.


She was under his spell and believed him.
C and C , see and see, partners in crime.


Woman has fantasy of meeting the man of her dreams.
Don’t do this. Covid-19 can be a killer.


Married woman dreams of married man
Married woman instigates married man to commit crime by intimidating and harassing an old woman.