Self-publish Sell Books

I tried to self-publish to sell books many years ago. This is what I learned.

  1. “Friends” who promised to buy my book – didn’t.
  2. Book sales are very slow, if any at all.
  3. Buyers usually want to copy your “success” by writing similar titles.
  4. Some buyers are unapologetic plagiarists who reproduce your book.
  5. Authors don’t return the favor of writing book reviews because they didn’t buy your book to read. Even if you did send them free copies, they can’t waste their time reading and reviewing.
  6. Fellow authors assume you will become their marketing agents and promoters because they’re that great.
  7. Some authors pretend to be your personal friends, only to sell their books. What You See Is Not What You Get.
  8. Free proofreading & editing for others returns no benefits to yourself. You are only a mat to be trampled on.
  9. Nobody really wants to read your blog when you’re testing your material.
  10. Nobody really wants to teach writing, even for money. Writing schools aren’t really suitable because they won’t cater to your individual needs. You have to fit into their template.